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There is an epidemic of scams. IPS will:

  • Help stop your cold calls and junk mail
  • Protect you against scammers
  • Remove anxiety, worry and stress
  • Deliver human language advice and how-to-video guides
  • Provide a platform for the IPS community of people with the same issue as you
  • For the citizens by the citizens. We listen and deliver solutions you ask for


Simple by design. Our internal motto is "Will our Grandma understand this?"


Impartial advice written for members not brands. IPS write about cyber expert level solutions for people who are not really interested in technology.


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360 Protect provides ALL the tools you need to protect your data for only £4.49 per month.


Don't just take our word for it.

Our growing membership is compelling evidence that British consumers want to take control of their data and reclaim their right to a quiet life. We share news, advice, insights and solutions to help protect each other.

I have received similar messages in the past and fell for them. By God’s grace, I didn’t lose any money or my identity. Thank you IPS community for opening my eyes against these scams.


Well done!  It does stress and upset many people, especially the old and disabled who are afraid to answer calls.  Keep up the good work.  I realise that it can be like banging your head against a concrete wall sometimes.  An organized petition will at least show these people that we won’t put up with it anymore.


Thank you Charlie – I for one am extremely grateful for the service you offer.

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