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Core Advice

Protect Your Personal Data

IPS want to help members keep their personal data as safe as possible from nuisance marketers and criminal scammers.   Protect your friends by sharing

Scams and Fraud in the UK – Top 3 Tips to Avoid Them

On our Advice pages, IPS provides detailed advice on the steps to take to reduce the number of nuisance calls, texts, emails and post you

Block cold calls to your landline

The TPS has a limited but essential remit. The next step is to block calls before they reach you. IPS automatically adds members to the

Stop Cold Calls to your Mobile

Nuisance calls are an unwanted interruption to our daily lives. They can also cause anxiety and distress and lead on to the serious financial consequences

How to stop your spam emails

By 2021, it is expected that 320 billion emails will be sent each day, with half thought to be spam emails. In this guide, IPS breaks

How to protect your online privacy

In 2019, it is estimated there were 3.8 million incidents of fraud in England and Wales, with evidence of a rising trend also seen in other data

How to stop junk mail

Research in 2010 indicated that approximately 17.5 billion pieces of junk mail are produced every year in the UK. That translates to 550,000 tonnes of paper and

How to stop cold calls

Nuisance calls are an unwanted interruption to our daily lives. They can also cause anxiety and distress, or result in people being scammed. And whilst

Latest Advice

Household devices you didn’t know could be hacked

28 Sept 2021 Below is a list of nine items you probably haven’t thought could be hacked. You need to find a couple of minutes

‘Back to college’ students warned about scammers

13 Sept 2021 As swathes of students start their journey through higher education, or return to universities and colleges where physical attendance has been on-and-off

Passwords – three random words can keep scammers out

11 Aug 2021 A recent blog by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), promotes the idea that good password hygiene can be achieved using three

Block Unknown Calls to Your Mobile

16th Mar 2021 It relates to ‘Silence Unknown Callers’ on iPhone and ‘Block Unwanted Calls’ on Android. We’ve previously covered this topic and recorded helpful

How to spot a fake website

2nd Mar 2021 Below is the IPS summary of a more detailed article from our friends at on the tell-tale signs that a website

Recruitment Scams on the Rise

2nd Mar 2021 Scams that entice job applicants to part with money are on the rise; another opportunistic move from fraudsters keen to capitalise on

Money Muling

5th Jan 2021 When an online offer sounds too good to be true… don’t become a link in the money laundering chain Protect your friends

Understanding the risks of identity theft and fraud

22nd Dec 2020 Identity Theft describes the usage of your personal details so that a criminal can pretend to be you. Once they assume your