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Has your personal information been leaked in a data breach?
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  • 10.6 billion personal online account details are circulating on the dark web, through no fault of the individual.
  • Prominent brands that have been hacked or compromised include Adobe, Ancestry, Dropbox, eBay, LinkedIn, Yahoo.
  • Leaked information can include: Name, address, password, phone number and payment card details.

Use our FREE tool to check if your personal data has been leaked and what to do if it has.

No breach found

Good news. We could not find your details in a data breach.

However, IPS cannot see every dark web breach so this does not mean that you definitively have not been involved in a breach. You should still follow all best practice Data Protection advice.

Unfortunately the list of breaches is constantly changing.

  • There is increased risk if you use the same password across multiple accounts.
  • Change your passwords so they different for each account.
  • Consider using a password manager to make things easier for you.

Read more about Passwords here.

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You appeared in data breaches

Breaches you appeared in:

Secure your information now

  • Do some investigating by logging into the accounts we’ve named. See if activity and payments on there are you expect.
  • If you don’t use the account any more considering closing it.
  • If do use the account then change the password on those accounts (and any other accounts where you use the same or similar password) Consider a password manager.

What should I do about it?

Change password

If you use the same password in many places then you need to go and update that password now. Change it so that it is different for all your accounts.

Get daily breach checks

You’ve been breached once. You should setup automatic alerts to know when your information is leaked on the dark web again.

Get a Password Manager

Your password is currently available for criminals to buy. Get Password Manager software to make it almost impossible for criminals to actually hack your accounts....

Check another email address

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