Early Scam Alert System

IPS has over 100,000 members in our community. The members help each other stay one step ahead of scammers by sharing the latest scams they are seeing as a warning for everyone else.

IPS receives thousands of these ‘early warning signals’ . We want to play our part in helping the community by reviewing and summarising the top three scams each week.

How it works

IPS member receives a scam attempt or is unfortunately scammed and wants to alert fellow members
IPS member shares the scam on the IPS website or in our Facebook community group (link at the bottom of the article)
IPS reviews every single one of these scam warnings and collates the most common or frightening scams each week
IPS shares the Top Three each week with over 100,000 members through our newsletter with advice on what to do to stay safe
The more we share, the more confident and protected our members feel against the scammers
This service is FREE for everyone. Let's stay one step ahead of the scammers, together

We provide these details on each scam we publish:


What the scam is
How it works
What our members say
What to do if you are targeted


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