How it Works

IPS solves 9 common problems

It takes a lot of time, research and money to work out ALL the things you need to do to protect your personal information from scammers.
IPS have done the hard work for you.
Our Basic plan is FREE to all members. IPS 360 Protect does everything.

1. Stop your cold calls

Everyone who joins IPS gets auto-enrolled with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). After 28 days it becomes illegal to Cold Call you. We will remind you when it’s done.

Time Investment: <1 MIN

2. Stop your junk mail

We will add you to the UK's "No Junk Mail" register - the Mail Preference Service – when you add your home address to your account.

Time Investment: <1 MIN

3. Learn to spot a scam

Regular newsletters and how-to videos in language everyone can understand. Learn more about the basic steps you need to take to protect yourself and your personal information.

Time Investment: <1 MIN

4. Find out if your data has been leaked

Find out if your personal information has been leaked to criminals on the dark web. Our Data Breach checker allows anyone to check. Every member gets a monthly update on the status of their registered email address.

Time Investment: <1 MIN

5. Guidance on dodgy emails

Check if a suspicious email is safe, spam or scam by forwarding to us. Our unique QuIPS analysis tool gives a response within a minute. Every member gets 3 uses per month.

Time Investment: 10 SEC

6. Personalised advice from stopscamscore

Get personalised advice on how to protect yourself against scams. We worked with Paul Vlissidis, Cyber Lead on Channel 4’s Hunted to deliver expert guidance using his unique algorithm.

Time Investment: <5 MIN

7. All your passwords protected

Norton's Password Manager will securely manage all your online account logins so that you don’t have to remember loads of passwords anymore.

Time Investment: <3 MIN

8. Browse the internet anonymously

Norton's Virtual Private Network will keep your online sessions hidden from criminals and website tracking software.

Time Investment: <1 MIN

9.Protect your devices from viruses

Norton’s signature Anti-Virus software is easy to install. It will protect you from the recent surge in malicious software attacks and means you have one less thing to worry about.

Time Investment: <1 MIN
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