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Brits have been ‘impersonation scammed’ out of £130m in 6 months

Fraudsters pretending they are from trusted names like HMRC, Royal Mail and Amazon Prime are reaping the rewards of all their fake calls and text

New Scam Warning: Beware of answering calls ‘from your own mobile number’

Fraudsters are mirroring mobile numbers in the latest wave of National Insurance and HMRC scams. The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has recently issued a warning to

Delivery scams now account for half of all scam texts

Between April 2020 and July 2021, a whopping 53% of all reported scam text messages were related to parcel and package delivery scams – according

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The IPS 2021 Manifesto

IPS members want to stop unwanted cold calls. You also want to save wasted time, get on with daily life and achieve peace of mind

93% of adults support a total ban on cold calls and texts about Personal Injury compensation

Personal Injury (PI) calls continue to be the biggest source of complaints received by the Information Commissioner’s Office by some distance, even though it’s been

Company selling ‘anti-cold calling hardware’ is fined – for cold calling

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) regularly, but in our opinion not regularly enough, takes enforcement action and imposes fines on firms who illegally call telephone

UK signals intent to move privacy rules away from Europe’s GDPR

Since Brexit kicked in on 01 January 2021, the UK’s Data Protection act has been aligned and equivalent to the European GDPR rules that became

85% of company data breaches relate to employees making the wrong choice

Just as the IPS YouGov survey revealed that UK citizens rank personal data security as our number one security concern these days, a research report

Landline phones set to be scrapped by 2025 as part of a digital switchover

Most of us should be fine, but plans must be made to support the elderly and vulnerable who will struggle. Protect your friends by sharing

Companies who show they care about your data have a huge advantage

(You should leave those who don’t care) Research by business consultants McKinsey shows that consumers respond well to companies that treat personal data carefully –

How to avoid scams without being rude, (It’s OK to remain polite)

It’s a common British failing that we try and be nice to people we don’t even want to talk to. Protect your friends by sharing

What is the ongoing value of TPS and its future role?

IPS interviews John Mitchison, Head of the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) IPS members have their phone numbers automatically registered with the TPS and many tell

Action Fraud to be replaced

The UK’s fight against scammers to be beefed up. In July 2021 the government published its “Beating Crime” plan. There, in black and white on