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IPS Top 5 Scams to look out for in June 2021

One of our most popular articles ran in November 2020 to report on which scams were annoying members of the IPS Facebook Community the most. We

National Insurance Number Scams – What to look out for

Another day another scam that every adult in the UK should be wary of falling for. This one relates to the unique National Insurance (NI)

The Royal Mail has warned UK citizens about millions of scam text messages

There has been a massive increase recently in the volume of fake messages targeting our mobile phones. Scammers are using the Royal Mail as the

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The IPS 2021 Manifesto

IPS members want to stop unwanted cold calls. You also want to save wasted time, get on with daily life and achieve peace of mind

‘£10,000 Government Grant’ Scam on Social Media

Beware of this “£10,000 government grant” SCAM circulating on social media. (PLUS advice from Facebook itself) On 07 June, Lancashire Police issued a warning on

IPS YouGov survey confirms the UK’s fear of scams

IPS recently commissioned a unique survey by YouGov, the research data and analytics group. We wanted to know a lot more about how “Scams affect

Charlie Shakeshaft, founder of IPS, warns of scam cold calls in the Daily Express

Scam warning as IPS founder’s grandmother inundated with calls from fraudsters Scams, unfortunately, are rife, with fraudsters operating in a whole host of convincing ways,

TV Licensing Scams

There is a current debate raging about whether the TV licence is relevant in modern Britain, what role the BBC should play in our lives,

The Truth about WhatsApp Privacy Settings

There has been a lot of noise lately about WhatsApp. Questions are being asked about how it protect its users’ data and how much data

The Rise of SMS Scams

IPS have frequently written about scammers reaching their targets by telephone and by email. In this article, we want to shine a light on the

Online Safety Bill fails to protect society’s most vulnerable from malicious scammers

Charlie Shakeshaft, CEO of Individual Protection Solutions, reacts to the new Online Safety bill, acknowledging the pros and cons, and what more needs to be done

Over 50% of 150 billion calls in 2020 were unwanted spam

This stunning figure comes from our friend at Hiya in their annual State of the Call report for 2021. Hiya is an app you can

Richard Branson & Martin Lewis are most common celebrity names used as bait for scams

An unwelcome title for both but an alarming story released in the annual update from the National Cyber Security Alliance. Protect your friends by sharing