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IPS Top 5 Scams to look out for in June 2021

One of our most popular articles ran in November 2020 to report on which scams were annoying members of the IPS Facebook Community the most. We

National Insurance Number Scams – What to look out for

Another day another scam that every adult in the UK should be wary of falling for. This one relates to the unique National Insurance (NI)

The Royal Mail has warned UK citizens about millions of scam text messages

There has been a massive increase recently in the volume of fake messages targeting our mobile phones. Scammers are using the Royal Mail as the

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The IPS 2021 Manifesto

IPS members want to stop unwanted cold calls. You also want to save wasted time, get on with daily life and achieve peace of mind

Cold calls pressuring vulnerable people into accepting lower benefit amounts must stop

Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) agrees to change its controversial approach. We were astonished to read the details of a recent complaint brought against

Things to know about the COVID-19 Vaccine Passport

The great British Freedom day of Monday 19 July is now behind us. It is interesting to see how many people continue to wear masks

Should we worry about the new GP data sharing scheme?

Can we trust an NHS database of 61 million people’s medical records? Protect your friends by sharing this article with them:

Gran conquered Everest, but even she couldn’t stop the cold callers

Scammers were making Patsy’s life hell, so her grandson decided to do something about it This story appeared in The Times on Saturday 10 July.

How to Avoid Holiday Scams this Summer

Action Fraud reported in May on 1,907 holiday scam and travel-related fraud stories at a cost to each victim of £1,242. IPS want to prevent

Proposed Use of Criminal Cash to Refund Scam Victims

A story that comes with something of a feelgood factor – if it becomes reality. The government is currently considering a proposal which is being

Loyal Grandson Turns Anti-Scamming Hero

Beloved Grandma plagued by nuisance callers . This article first appeared in the Manchester Evening News on 25 June 2021. Protect your friends by sharing


Protect your personal data from spam texts and emails as £1.7billion lost to scams in 12 months. This article appeared in The Sun on Sunday

IPS is on Talk Radio

Our founder, Charlie Shakeshaft, spoke to Trisha Goddard on Saturday, 12 June 2021 episode of her Talk Radio show. Protect your friends by sharing this