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The First Scams of 2021

On Monday, 4th January, the New Year kicked off at IPS with 6 people receiving the text message below, purporting to be about a refund

The BBC’s reports on Phishing Emails

IPS warned you of this scam in our Black Friday watchlist last week and today on the BBC, Rav Wilding told viewers of the new Phishing Scam

Amazon Prime Scams to look out for this Black Friday

Black Friday (27 November 2020) is unusual this year as it’s happening amidst a global pandemic and physical retailers in many countries may not even

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Richard Branson & Martin Lewis are most common celebrity names used as bait for scams

An unwelcome title for both but an alarming story released in the annual update from the National Cyber Security Alliance. Protect your friends by sharing

How to keep your home safe from hackers

If you have Wi-Fi then you will have a router, or Wi-Fi hub. It is usually provided by your broadband supplier and sits next to

How the recent Facebook data breach affects you

In April 2021, a data set containing personal data from more than 500 million Facebook users was made freely available for download from a hacker

HMRC Scammer Exposed!

At IPS we cheered out loud as the BBC’s Money Box reported on the all-too-common number spoofing techniques used to convince the unwitting public they

What is the Dark Web?

‘The Dark Web’ is a phrase which carries connotations of terrorism, political upheaval, drug deals and pornography. It is true that those activities do proliferate

Stopping Scams using ‘Call Blockers’ for Landlines

This is another positive news story from our friends at the National Trading Standards (NTS) Scams Team. They conducted a unique 6 month experiment to

Census 2021

There has been an expensive marketing campaign around Census 2021 and you have probably received the notification through your door. We look at the implications

Retailer Opt-out Emails for Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday fell on 14th March this year. It is a special day on which we celebrate all mothers, and comes soon after International Women’s

The Exploitation of COVID-19 by Cyber Criminals

More than a quarter of serious cyber-crime incidents responded to last year by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) were related to COVID-19. This