Are your passwords secure?

There are now over 15 billion stolen usernames and passwords in circulation on the dark web – equivalent to two sets of account logins for every person on the planet. 

Compromised usernames and passwords are the most common cause of malicious attacks and hacks. 

So, how do you make sure you are protected from this threat? 

Size of the problem?

70% of people have had accounts leaked onto the dark web.  You can check if your details have been stolen using our free Dark Web Data Breach Checker 

Two out of five individuals have had their identities hacked, passwords compromised, or sensitive information breached because of duplicate and outdated passwords. 

Password cracking technology can now crack six letter passwords in less than two seconds.  See the image below to see how quickly modern ‘brute force’ password crackers can crack different passwords. Accessing victims online accounts is a way for a hacker to begin the process of identify theft or outright stealing personal information or money. 


Password Managers and how they solve this problem

Our friends at Norton describe a password manager as “a program that houses all your passwords, as well as other information, in one convenient location with one master password”. The benefits to using a password manager are: A password manager will do the work of creating the complicated passwords you need to help protect your online accounts.” 

The benefits of using a password manager are:

It does the work of creating the long, complicated passwords you  need to help protect your online accounts.  They aren’t vulnerable to brute force attacks and the software means you don’t have to remember every password.

Because each password it creates is unique, the criminal can never access more of your accounts, even if they could crack one.  A password manager massively reduces your risk. 

It is worth going with a recognised brand you can trust with your passwords.  IPS has partnered with Norton to provide a password manager in our IPS 360 Protect plan, a suite of easy-to use protection products from just £2.99 per month.

We always recommend doing your own research and there are a number of trustworthy password managers available.  

90% of internet users are concerned about having their passwords compromised yet still 53% of people rely on their memories to handle passwords. It is a simple behaviour change that actually makes the login process to websites easier and makes you substantially more protected from being hacked or scammed so it is well worth the investment. 

How to use a Password Manager

Our friends at Norton have provided extensive information and video content on how to download and use their password manager which you can find here. 

Please share this with family and friends to help protect them and keep them safe from scams and fraud.

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