Scam Alerts

Look out for Energy supplier scams

The current energy price crisis and the collapse of smaller providers has created the perfect breeding ground for energy related scams that target millions of

Brits have been ‘impersonation scammed’ out of £130m in 6 months

Fraudsters pretending they are from trusted names like HMRC, Royal Mail and Amazon Prime are reaping the rewards of all their fake calls and text

New Scam Warning: Beware of answering calls ‘from your own mobile number’

Fraudsters are mirroring mobile numbers in the latest wave of National Insurance and HMRC scams. The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has recently issued a warning to

Delivery scams now account for half of all scam texts

Between April 2020 and July 2021, a whopping 53% of all reported scam text messages were related to parcel and package delivery scams – according

Cash machine scam warning from Nationwide, Santander and Barclays

Reports of a new scam have gone viral and we want to bring to the attention of IPS members. It might seem ridiculously simple but,

IPS Top 5 Scams to look out for in June 2021

One of our most popular articles ran in November 2020 to report on which scams were annoying members of the IPS Facebook Community the most. We

National Insurance Number Scams – What to look out for

Another day another scam that every adult in the UK should be wary of falling for. This one relates to the unique National Insurance (NI)

The Royal Mail has warned UK citizens about millions of scam text messages

There has been a massive increase recently in the volume of fake messages targeting our mobile phones. Scammers are using the Royal Mail as the

Don’t be a victim of a Valentine’s scam

St Valentine’s day in 2021 will be very different. With the current lockdown in place, it is not possible to physically meet with others and

Ticket Scams & Fraud

Each year, stories emerge of sports fans paying astonishing amounts of money to buy tickets to see their team play in a final – only

Advice on 7 Common Postal Scams

A postal scam involves a letter delivered to your home address with the sole intention of obtaining money through deception or fraud. There is a

The First Scams of 2021

On Monday, 4th January, the New Year kicked off at IPS with 6 people receiving the text message below, purporting to be about a refund