Five steps to protect you from 98% of cyber attacks

IPS was intrigued by a recent report from Microsoft. 

One of the headlines that stood out for us was that Five Basic Steps towards data security hygiene protects you against 98% of attacks. 

The report was written for companies rather than individuals , but cyber-expert Paul Vlissidis helped us translate the advice into the basic steps we individuals need to take to get protection that is close to that 98%.  

The Five Basic Steps to Maximize Protection

(from really easy to a ‘little bit of effort’)

1 – (Don’t put all your security eggs in one basket

Don’t use the same password everywhere, because the scammer’s have software to guess passwords. If they guess one then they can take over your life pretty quickly. Follow good password behaviour – better still use a password manager and let that do all the work (Read more here) 

2 – Make sure you keep backups of important data

If you get hacked and you only have important documents or photos on your one laptop then you can lose access to them.  Copy those files to a cheap USB hard drive to give you a plan B that means you can find those files if you need them. This covers you from being hacked and then held to digital ransom AND some cover if you ever spill a cup of tea over the laptop. If you take the laptop to the local coffee shop (or on holiday with you), use a VPN when out and about so that you don’t expose your data to hackers sniffing around weak Wi-Fi networks (Read more here) 

3 – Keep everything up to date 

Phones and laptops are particularly important but also smart devices (like your Wi-Fi router, SMART TV etc). Every software update pushed by the likes of Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft contains new patches to protect you from the very latest hacking techniques. These big tech companies spend billions on this fight so you should take advantage of their efforts to retain your trust by helping you stay protected 

4 – Use anti-virus software on your laptop

An extension of number 3 Companies like Norton, McAfee, Avast and Kaspersky Labs have made their names going even further than the big tech guys by specialising in lighting the bad guys. Their software is an extra layer to protection to keep you safe. (Read more here) 

5 – Enable two-factor and multi-factor authentication everywhere but especially on your email and social media accounts

  • Allow Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft Bing to save your passwords for online accounts in their secure cloud lockers.
  • Enable face ID to apps on your phones.
  • Take advantage of adding security like sending you a PIN number to your mobile to gain entry to important personal information.
  • Use the security device on your banking apps.
  • Everywhere you offered you should use it.  

All these layers of protection make it that much more of an effort for a hacker to keep trying to hack you. Think of the IPS advice this way:  


If you have a bicycle and start using two locks instead of one, the bike thieves will most likely think “Too much effort this one,  I can already see a weaker one-lock bicycle over there”. 


Five steps to get you 98% protected.  Do it today. 

Look at how 360 Protect can help you with the password, the VPN and the antivirus element. 

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