Update – How IPS keeps cold callers away from our members

IPS has been working hard for five years on our foundational goal: Stop Cold Calls for our members. In order to stay true to this ambition we want to audit our progress so we have decided to run an annual exercise where we double check our members’ numbers with the Telephone Preference Service – to ensure all records are up to date and our members stay protected from Cold Callers. 

IPS completed its 2021 check last week and have an update for the community. 

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IPS has found that 65% of our members have telephone numbers currently registered and protected with the Telephone Preference Service. That means that 35% of our membership are still vulnerable to cold callers. 

Reason for non-registration rate

Before 2020 IPS did not have a direct relationship with the TPS, so every new IPS member was manually added by the IPS team to the TPS register. We did this consistently for the first 90,000 members. Whilst IPS did enter every record (which took a lot of time and effort), the registration process required a link to be clicked in a follow up email. We believe this is where most of the non-registrations happened: the email was missed, deleted or sent to junk and members didn’t complete their registration. 

In February 2021, we were delighted to announce that IPS became one of only three organisations in the UK to have a direct link with the TPS. If you joined IPS within the last year, your number will definitely be registered because it happens automatically when you create a digital account with us!  

Good news

Because things were not always that easy, we have revisited the records of all 120,000 members. Together with the TPS we have re-registered those numbers to be thorough and for the sake of accuracy. This means that the 35% who were unregistered, are now protected AND DON’T NEED TO DO ANYTHING. 

Those members will start to see a substantial reduction in cold calls over the coming weeks and it will become illegal to cold call you within 28 days. 

Please note; if you have opted out of the TPS for any reason, your number will not be re-registered. And if you want to want to go ahead and opt-out now you (although we urge you not to, you can do so here.

We will be re-run this process annually. It will be free to all members, to ensure all members remain protected, forever.  

If you do notice a reduction in cold calls and are happy about it, please do let us know either in the comments below or email us direct – hello@ipscommunity.co.uk . We love to hear when it works! 

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  1. hutchinson1 says:

    Thankyou for letting me join will look forward to hearing what’s going on sounds great I’m 70 and have to watch what I’m doing great to know now I will find out all the scams

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