IPS founder, Charlie Shakeshaft, kicks off our video newsletter series

OFCOM report that almost 45 million people in the UK received a suspicious message in the last three months.

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Charlie Shakeshaft

Scammers are becoming more sophisticated, tech savvy and fearless.  Everyone must take some basic steps to protect their personal data and information.

IPS is evolving to help members get protected and then stay protected.

Watch Charlie’s update on how IPS on how our service continues to improve.

  • Protecting you from scams disguised as genuine calls, email, SMS/texts, and online/social messaging
  • Easy to follow ‘How-to’ video series coming your way
  • Early warning scam alert system for 100,000 members to help each other
  • Commenting on latest news more often across social channels
  • Survey our members to update our Manifesto so it reflects what you most want

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