93% of adults support a total ban on cold calls and texts about Personal Injury compensation

Personal Injury (PI) calls continue to be the biggest source of complaints received by the Information Commissioner’s Office by some distance, even though it’s been three years since legislation came into effect to stop it. The calls are still most often made by the Claims Management Companies (CMC) who were in the cross-hairs of the new rules.

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A recent YouGov survey was commissioned by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) to study the sector on the third anniversary of the changes which banned live unsolicited direct marketing telephone calls in relation to claims management activities, except where the recipient has given explicit consent to receiving them.

The survey found that:

  • 55% of UK adults has received a call or a text on the subject
  • 43% said these calls had made them feel “angry”
  • Each person recently approached has also previously received an average of 9 calls or texts in the previous year
  • 29 million UK adults received an estimated 249 million calls or texts in the previous 12 months
  • Just 2% of the calls turn into a Personal Injury Claim as a result of the call – but that still equates to over 500,000 annual claims with little merit

Personal Injury calls are still causing tremendous stress and anxiety across the country.  It was not supposed to be this way.  The law change brought about a ban on pensions-related cold calling but did not extend to a complete ban on Personal Injury claims-related cold calling.  While complaints about pensions have fallen the same cannot be said for PI or the CMCs who do not seem to have changed their behaviour

APIL think it is time the law caught up.  Mike Benner, the APIL CEO told the Law Gazette that:

“Nine out of 10 people feel annoyed, angry, anxious, disgusted, or upset when they receive a call or text about making a claim for compensation for an injury.  It is no surprise with such strong emotional responses, that the people of this country want this practice to end.

“It generates the false perception that obtaining compensation is easy, even when there is no injury.  It brings an often very serious issue, needless injury and the need for redress, into disrepute.

“Both plain common sense and this research tell us that no-one will agree to be called about a personal injury claim.

“An opportunity was missed to impose a proper ban on these tasteless and intrusive calls and texts, but it still could be put right by the present government.”

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It’s incredible to believe that consumers are still being bothered by these nonsense PI phone calls.
It has to stop.
Please share your experiences below.
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