The IPS 2021 Manifesto

IPS members want to stop unwanted cold calls. You also want to save wasted time, get on with daily life and achieve peace of mind once you’ve “done the basics” to protect yourself.

Since we started our newsletter in November 2020 we have been sharing information to help minimize these intrusions. For 2021, we are turning up the heat and have ambitions to go much further in driving significant change to help consumers. We want to kick-off the year with a manifesto for change in the UK. Here we highlight three headline issues and would like your feedback and suggestions as well as your support.

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Issue 1 - There is too much work required to complain

People should be able to live a quiet life if they choose.

For a UK citizen upset by an unwanted incursion there are too many hoops to jump through to complain. Which of us is expert enough to decide if it was a nuisance call or attempted fraud or a non-TPS compliant call from overseas or mistaken identity etc etc? Why should we have to “read up” on where to complain to get something done?

IPS want to carry the bureaucratic and reporting load for our members.  We want to make it easy to report the basic scenario and information of what annoyed or distressed you. We are designing and developing modern technology solutions you can easily use to quickly report an incident and have your complaint accepted and then heard. We will collate it for you and simultaneously report it to the relevant authorities in the format they require. We will do the work, so you don’t have to. We will track your complaint and highlight patterns we see emerging from the sheer volume of issues being raised around a certain subject. There is massive power to be generated from our collective efforts. We will become an early warning system for personal data topics of concern to UK citizens.

IPS Mission for 2021

All your personal data complaints, templates, reports and updates in one place in your IPS account area. We will be launching soon and will need your support to make it succeed.


Issue 2 - When a citizen does complain there is little hope that their individual case will be tracked

Digital technology is revolutionizing the traceability of data and it should be put to work to address the imbalance (or asymmetry) between the user/consumer/citizen on one side, and large criminal gangs on the other.

The citizen is forever told there is a tsunami of data challenges but that government agencies are up against it – “underfunded, understaffed, out-manned and out-gunned” by criminals. The criminals do have incredible capabilities to create new fraudulent revenue streams, fuelled by the capture of individual personal data (like bank details, mobile phone numbers, passwords) but we must not give up or admit defeat.

The IPS membership is over 100,000 and growing. There is strength in numbers and a shared common cause. We must use technology to defend ourselves. It can’t all be done in one day, but we will lobby government authorities and regulators in relentlessly campaigning for the many small steps that must be taken. IPS will direct all our member complaints and use unique ID numbers to track them through “the system”, grouping complaints into something akin to a class action where one case is used as a proxy for many similar cases.

Rather than members having to telephone, email or write to authorities to check on progress we will use our portal to flip that flow so that we send you notifications about any change of status. We will be taking our plans to ICO, OFCOM, Action Fraud etc and be transparent with you about timelines for your updates. Where nothing is heard we will trigger an automatic reminder to them to report some update to you – depending on what they are required to do by law. Where our technology provides easier access and simpler reporting than the often unsuitable legacy solutions that they have in place, we will offer to partner with them to do things more efficiently.

IPS Mission for 2021

All your personal data complaints delivered and chased FOR YOU by IPS technology against the minimum legal requirements the authorities are compelled to report against.

Issue 3 - Early reports on the biggest issues affecting IPS members and sharing them with a national audience

As we see an influx of complaints about a particular scam, or a company name that keeps getting mentioned by members, we will create noise in the news and make everyone aware of it. We will use social media channels, our networks and your networks to amplify the message: “This is happening. This is bad. We demand action to put a stop to it”.

We will use public relations and media partners to distribute the message. We will lobby MPs on your behalf.  We will appear on Breakfast TV or local radio. We will do whatever it takes to help our community of concerned citizens find our voice and have the nation listen. Individual complaints can no longer disappear into a void. Each complaint is a data point. Many data points become evidence of a trend and we want them acted upon using the latest digital technologies to investigate and report back on what is found. This is the way the general public in the UK can fight back collectively against the criminal fraternity who hide behind the anonymity of their digital protective shield.

We are going to reinvent how personal data issues are tackled. We are a community which believes in the rights of individuals and enables them to take back control of their own data.  We can’t leave all this to “the authorities”. We will support them, work with them and – where necessary – show them a smarter and more efficient way.

Join us. Tell your friends. Watch this space because there are a lot of new features and tools being launched on our website very soon.

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  1. jamesgurling212 says:

    I have had calls from Amazon telling I have ordered a mobile phone at great cost asking to press 1. Don’t do this because it’s a scam.

  2. relentless-blackened says:


  3. veronica wakeling says:

    The silent caller, and once spoke,pretending to be a long lost friend we never heard of enquiring about our welfare,the silent calls all tracked to the same address in Bridgend .South Wales.They have stopped at the moment,but if they start again,will post his full address and the false name/s he uses.

  4. Ladymoo says:

    Ive been getting messages sayin Royal Mail we have pzrcrl for you but not enough postage . We need ,£2 99. I ignore text as wen anyone sends a parcel post office always weighs it so postage wud be fine. .Theres the amazon one i get on landline saying yo need to pay so much other wise we cut it off dont use amazon . Hope these help .

  5. marypoppins says:

    I keep getting texts saying there has been an attempt to get money from your account but each time I don’t even use those banks so I just delete the messages

    • IPS says:


      Thanks for your comments. Don’t click on any links in a text message that is asking for money – just delete it. If you are concerned, then contact your bank in the usual way to ensure that your account hasn’t been compromised.

      kind regards

      The IPS Team

  6. Mrs Marjorie Bousie says:

    This morning I have had two recorded messages purporting to be from Amazon, making out that I have ordered an Iphone 11 costing £1,000.49, which I certainly haven“t, at 91 years of age I don`t have that sort of money anyway, telling me to press 1 to confirm the order or two to speak to someone to cancel. which I certainly did not, I never press any numbers on messages, but just thought I would let you know about it. Thank you.

    • IPS says:

      Good afternoon Marjorie

      We have lots of reports regarding this type of call. These are a scam, never press 1 and never give you bank details over the phone when someone has phone you. If you are unsure, contact the company direct on a number that you have received previously to confirm the details of the call. Thank you for letting all the IPS members know.

  7. Hilary Canto says:

    Thanks IPS Team for these innovative measures to tackle our nuisance calls and mailings.
    Is there a way that where comparison quote information is given out, that this is not stored by the companies where the individual has declined to take up their product or service?
    For example utility and insurance companies – electricity, gas, phone, car, house etc. All require your information before giving you quotations whether online or by phone and then store this so that they can follow up by saying you have contacted them in the past. This information often gets shared too despite assurances to the contrary.

    The big data/finance check companies like Experian hold all this data on us and DVLA and the Electoral Register and can be found online if you know where to look. They also make it very difficult to complain by making it almost impossible to find contact information to get through to them. That is why these scams are becoming more clever and succeeding.

    Google reads approx 75% of all data in google emails and through use of Google services as does Apple, so for people who use these services and devices without understanding the intricacies of computer software systems, everybody are open targets.

    I closed a Monsoon account and still received a marketing promo, and the same with Amazon Prime where I closed my account completely or thought I had. I have written to them and as yet no reply. To get out of Facebook is a nightmare, every online account now can be targeted and so anything you can do to help complaint procedures easier through a main portal will be very welcome. Keep up the great work and thank you again

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