This week’s Top 3 scams to look out for

We have thousands of members pro-actively sharing the scams they are seeing. Make sure you are up to date with their advice on how to avoid them. 

Below are the IPS members’ ‘Top 3’ on 24 November 2021.

Please share this with your friends and family to keep them aware and protected.

Renewal Scam for Anti-Virus Software

Thank you to all members who told us about the McAfee scam emails.  We have received over 60 reports so far.

We have contacted McAfee with your scam examples.  McAfee has acknowledge our report of these scams and have  ‘escalated it within the company’.  We will update you as soon as we receive a reply with their advice.

Please continue to send in any examples of the McAfee or Norton scam emails you receive using or on our Facebook Group.


1 - Amazon Scams

What is the scam?

We have received an unprecedented number of members reporting the Amazon/Amazon Prime. they have recently received.  According to member reports this scam contact appears to cover a whole range of media and telecoms platforms.  They have consisted of ‘out of the blue’ phone calls, voicemails, texts and emails and we have seen a huge diversity of content:

  • issues with payments
  • problems with accounts
  • winning a ‘prize’
  • problem with Amazon payment card
  • notification of account renewal, leading to a ‘debit as payment.
  • notification that you have placed an order and need to confirm payment
  • confirm payment of goods which have supposedly been sent

IPS Member’s stories

“Had an email regarding a payment card. Obviously ignored – scam.”

“Recorded message, say that you are a winner, to collect your prize, ring this number. Which is an 0202 number. It’s a scam. Block the message”

“Had three recorded messages today, two women claiming I have spent £350 with Amazon, press button one, I hung up.”

What IPS suggest you do

Do not be rushed.

Do not give out personal or financial information.

If you do not have an Amazon account, Prime or otherwise, ignore and delete all content and report as a complaint to Amazon

If you do have an account or are worried, please contact Amazon direct and register your concern/complaint.

If you believe you have been scammed, please contact Action Fraud.

If you require further advice, please contact IPS via email or Facebook group.



Amazon Logo

2 - Banking Scam

What is the scam?

A scammer calls purporting to be from your bank.

The thief would ask for your personal and banking details. They would then suggest they have opened a new account for you using the excuse that fraudulent activity has been seen on your account (ironically). They would then ask you to transfer funds from your existing accounts to the new one. These funds would then go directly into the scammer’s account, never to be seen again 

IPS Member’s Story

“Two weeks ago, I fell for scam.  The caller was so convincing that he was from my bank, he knew all the questions they ask for security, I would not care but I questioned him twice and he came up with right answers.

It was only after I came off the phone, that something he said did not sit right with me, he said he was going to have to give me a new sort code. It dawned on me he could not do this, so I immediately rang the number on back of my bank card and asked for the fraud department.”


What IPS suggest you do

Your bank would NEVER call you out of the blue and certainly NOT offer you new account details over the phone. 

Tell the caller you will call your bank independently to confirm what is being said to you.  


Life Insurance

3 - Life Insurance Scam

What is the scam?

A person calls trying to sell you Life Insurance 

The scammers are endeavouring to: 

1 – Obtain your personal and financial details 

2 – Steal funds from you bank accounts for a bogus scheme 

3 – Can lead on to identity theft with all its ramifications 

IPS Member’s story

“I had a person on the phone about ten days ago trying to sell me life insurance. I informed him that I have whole of life insurance policy with sufficient funds to take care of everything. He disagreed and advised that it would finish when I was seventy-five and then said it would definitely finish when I was ninety and I would lose all my money.

Having informed him that was incorrect I was passed on to two more people who became rather aggressive and the last one told me he knew far more about insurance than I did. I advised that I know what the policy covered. He was trying to sell me some sort of protection insurance so that it lasted to end of life. In the end I terminated the call and then checked my paperwork. I was correct it is a whole of life policy. I believe his telephone no was 01928 237606. I suggest that you share this for other people’s protection. All three males were very forceful and did not want to give in.”

What IPS suggest you do

Stop and think.  Never pass on personal or financial details. Insurance companies do not call spontaneously like that as they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). If ever in doubt, please click here to obtain full details of any registered insurance company.  Our member acted correctly by terminating the call. Do not be rushed. You can also tell the caller that you will call back once you have carried out your own research about the company or that you wish to discuss with a family member. By this time however, the scammers will have more than likely terminated the call themselves. 

Please share this with family and friends to help protect them and keep them safe from scams and fraud.

To report scams you may have experienced to other community members, please join our IPS Members Community Facebook group or log into your IPS account and comment below.  Alternatively, please email us with your story –

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