Welcome to the Individual Protection Service (IPS) registration page!

One of our members has kindly directed you here, as they too feel that you can really benefit by joining our free community! We will help you to stop receiving nuisance calls, spam texts/emails and other unwanted marketing. As well as introducing you to special product and service offers from our ‘best in class’ Partners.

Please start by filling in your details below and giving your consent to be called by IPS in order to confirm your IPS membership. You can decide which marketing channels you would like to block and which Partner offers, if any, you would like to receive details of.

The call only takes a few minutes but could save hours of hassle dealing with cold callers and sifting through junk mail!!

IPS ensures that your needs are addressed by vetting the companies who meet your specific requirements. This allows you the option to continue receiving information or offers, in controlled quantities, only in the sectors you have specifically requested and only with the offers which would be of interest to you.

Whilst this process funds IPS, it remains completely optional. You are not obliged to receive any information from anyone you do not wish. It is our intention to put you in control of the marketing you receive.

Remember, if you feel another family member or friend could also benefit by joining IPS please forward them this link.