All About IPS

“I started IPS after helping my Grandma reclaim her right to a quiet life. We can help everyone do that.”

Charlie Shakeshaft, IPS Founder

Hear Charlie tell Trisha that Grandma Patsy is a strong woman, but her lack of interest in technology made her vulnerable to scammers

A quick history

Charlie’s grandma (Patsy) was being plagued by nuisance and scam calls and didn’t know how to stop them. She climbed to Everest’s base camp when she was 80. She is by no means vulnerable in life, but she was vulnerable to scams. Charlie helped her strengthen her digital protection by first making her ‘off limits’ to scammers and nuisance marketers. (He started by signing her up with the Telephone Preference Service and put a BT Call Blocker to work, before updating her online passwords). Within weeks her problem disappeared. Patsy told her friends and the IPS community was born.

Patsy had no interest in learning about ‘cyber security’, but she needed the same level of protection as someone that did. That is a gap in the UK in the moment. There is no single destination to help sort this out for you. It is assumed that everyone will react to the news coverage of scams by doing internet research to work out which tools they need to sign-up for.

IPS is for people who don’t want to waste precious time becoming an expert.
We show you the basics and advise you when you need to make changes every now and again.

IPS today

We now have over 100k members but we have kept true to our core which is:

* Cyber protection for people who don’t want to learn about cyber protection
* Simple, straightforward solutions that Charlie’s Grandma can use.

1 in 3 crimes are now scams or fraud. This is the most common crime but only 1% of police budgets are spent fighting it. Every UK citizen needs to up their game to protect themselves from scammers.


IPS Experts

The IPS team includes three experts you should know about. They are working hard to ensure the tools, offers and guidance we produce deliver unique insights that are almost impossible to find in the UK. All of it is written in human language to educate and enlighten rather than make anyone feel ashamed for not being a full-time technologist

The cyber-expert

Paul Vlissidis is a renowned authority on cyber-security for the enterprise and the individual. He has published a book called How to Survive the Internet and was Cyber-Lead on Channel 4’s groundbreaking Digital Surveillance show “Hunted”.

Paul was instrumental in creating the algorithm for our StopScamScore solution.

The data protection expert

Steve Sullivan is an authority on the rights of the individual in relation to how their personal data and information is used by organisations in the age of GDPR and the Data Protection Act. His specialization is in the marketing industry and he is currently the Vice Chairman of the Contact Centre Group, and leads their Regulation Hub, for the Data & Marketing Council (DMA) . Steve’s expert insight lies behind the IPS Privacy Policy.

The scams and personal fraud expert

Charlie has now been working on the IPS project for nearly 5 years. He is a digital native and a millennial, but surrounds himself with the expertise and life experience of people who have seen how difficult it can be to stay safe from those trying to steal your data (and money) without committing massive amounts of time and energy to it.

Charlie believes thoughtfully deployed technology solutions can solve most of the problems we identify on this website – while we wait for regulation to catchup with public demand and the speed of innovation of the criminal gangs who set out to do us harm.


Don't just take our word for it.

Our growing membership is compelling evidence that British consumers want to take control of their data and reclaim their right to a quiet life. We share news, advice, insights and solutions to help protect each other.

I have received similar messages in the past and fell for them. By God’s grace, I didn’t lose any money or my identity. Thank you IPS community for opening my eyes against these scams.


Well done! It does stress and upset many people, especially the old and disabled who are afraid to answer calls. Keep up the good work. I realise that it can be like banging your head against a concrete wall sometimes. An organized petition will at least show these people that we won’t put up with it anymore.


Thank you Charlie – I for one am extremely grateful for the service you offer.

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