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IPS was created as a community to campaign for consumer rights, to increase awareness and take back control. It starts with removing members from marketing lists they don’t want to be on – and then solutions which make life difficult for scammers.

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Our ethos

A word from our Founder

Our founder Charlie Shakeshaft explains more about the IPS ethos and ambition.

About us

About us

Our mission

Currently, 1 in 3 crimes in the UK relate to fraud. We Brits lose £10bn to scams every year.
This has got to change.
IPS delivers solutions that help members fight back in the war against scammers.

Our vision

When the IPS community speaks, commercial brands and government policymakers should listen to us and our views.

We aim to host a conversation between 1 million IPS members, where shared knowledge delivers protection, privacy and peace of mind – and shows those in power what we believe must be changed to secure our data.