£7bn was lost to scammers by UK citizens last year.

Worried about being scammed but don’t know where to turn for help? Individual Protection Solutions community supports like-minded people who need simple, effective solutions that deliver peace of mind and protection.

What's Inside

How-to video guides to get you started

We know data protection sounds complicated, but IPS tools are designed to be easy-to-use. We have produced simple how-to video guides to get you started.

Password Protection

10 billion passwords have been leaked online. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you, with straightforward password management software in partnership with Norton.

Keep Hackers Out

1 billion viruses are circulating the internet. Secure your devices so you can use email and the internet with confidence. Anti-virus software in partnership with Norton.

Be Anonymous Online

Worried you are being tracked online? Anxious your internet connection will be intercepted by hackers? Our VPN from Norton is a quick way to keep your identity hidden from hackers and websites. Short training videos show you how.

Instant alerts if your personal information is leaked

Our Data Breach Monitor automatically (and anonymously) tracks your personal information against Dark Web data breaches. We will alert you if you have been compromised.

Immediate automated advice for suspicious looking emails (QuIPS)

Question any suspicious emails with IPS (forward to quips@ipscommunity.co.uk). QuIPS will reply within 100 seconds with personalised guidance on whether it is a scam message – and what to do about it.

Stop Cold Calls

We add your telephone number to the UK’s national ‘Opt Out’ register to make it illegal to cold call you.

Stop Junk Mail

We add your address to a UK ‘Opt Out’ register to help stop your junk mail – and reduce paper wastage.

Backup your important files

25gb of secure cloud storage for you to back up your most important files in partnership with Norton.


Don't just take our word for it..

I have received similar messages in the past and fell for them. By God’s grace, I didn’t lose any money or my identity. Thank you IPS community for opening my eyes against these scams.


Well done!  It does stress and upset many people, especially the old and disabled who are afraid to answer calls.  Keep up the good work.  I realise that it can be like banging your head against a concrete wall sometimes.  An organized petition will at least show these people that we won’t put up with it anymore.


Thank you Charlie – I for one am extremely grateful for the service you offer.


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