“I am extremely happy with the service that IPS have provided me.

The contact I have had with you has been informative, courteous and succinct.

Within days of our initial contact, I ceased being troubled by unwanted telephone calls.

A very prompt service, delivered as promised.” – Karen



“Just want to say since joining with IPS, I have had no cold calls from anyone claiming I have been involved in an accident or that I’m owed any PPI.

So glad I joined.”



“I just want to say Thank You so much for getting those Nuisance Cold Calls stopped.

Like I said to you I use to get 3/4 sometimes more. My cousin use to tell me it was like I had a hotline lol but all joke aside they were becoming a Real nuisance because it got to the point of not answering all calls I was getting but some were calls I needed to answer but when you don’t know who’s calling what are you supposed to do.

The day you rang was the best day for me just to hear you could stop them from calling and after talking to you realising that you meant your word the calls stopped immediately. I was a Happy Happy woman and I thanked you for ending my headache calls.

I really appreciated what you did and I cannot thank you enough.” – Beverley