The Individual Protection Service (IPS) provides a ‘free-to-use’ service where individuals can protect themselves from unwarranted cold/nuisance marketing.

The IPS has built a community of thousands of like-minded individuals who are fed up of receiving cold calls and unwarranted marketing but still enjoy the benefits of receiving offers via telephone, post and email (putting the IPS member in control of who they speak to, and when). The IPS service blocks the unwarranted marketing you are not interested in and isolates ‘best-in-class’ providers of products and services that you are. IPS  introduces you to its partners only when you expressly request it.

Nothing about the IPS service is mandatory. You will only be introduced to businesses you have expressly requested. IPS takes pride in its partner selection process and only wants to work with the best companies in each sector, who care about their customer service. And so, before you are introduced to an IPS partner, we will email you explaining why they were selected as an IPS partner and what they are offering. If you do not like what you see, you are free to opt out at that stage before making contact with the partners.

IPS exists to put YOU back in control of the marketing you receive.